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Sprung rhythm

A metrical system devised by Gerard Manley Hopkins composed of one- to four-syllable feet that start with a stressed syllable. The spondee replaces the iamb as a dominant measure, and the number of unstressed syllables varies considerably from line to line (see also accentual verse). According to Hopkins, its intended effect was to reflect the dynamic quality and variations of common speech, in contrast to the monotony of iambic pentameter. His own poetry illustrates its use; though there have been few imitators, the spirit and principles of sprung rhythm influenced the rise of free verse in the early 20th century.

Buns WILDFOX Boatneck Cinnamon Cinnamon Sweater Sweater Boatneck WILDFOX Cinnamon WILDFOX Buns WILDFOX Cinnamon WILDFOX Buns Buns Cinnamon WILDFOX Boatneck Sweater Cinnamon Boatneck Sweater Looking to learn about poetry?
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Who needs the gym when you have cinnamon buns? Relax in style in this knit sweater that tells it like it is. Fit: this style fits true to size. - Boatneck - Long sleeves - Front graphic print - Knit construction - Approx. 23.5" length (size S) - Made in USA
Fiber Content
100% cotton
Hand or machine wash cold
Additional Info
Model's stats for sizing: - Height: 5'8" - Bust: 32" - Waist: 24" - Hips: 34" Model is wearing size S.